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Sep 7, 2010 3:00pm PDT
targeting similar ads on other websites. two views now on this decision and its impact. john morris is general counsel at the center for democracy and technology and an expert in first amendment law. tom miller is the attorney general of the state of iowa. he is one of the 17 attorneys general from around the country who sent the letter to craigslist. we thank you both for being with us. tom miller, i'm going to start with you. how certain are you that craigslist was being used widely and extensively for this sort of illegal activity? this wasn't just isolated incidents. >> this was not isolated incidents at all. we were quite certain . it was broadly used. a reporter at cnn put an ad on of this kind and got 15 responses in three hours. we talked to constituents. we looked at craigslist. it was clear that it was massive in terms of the opportunity for prostitution. it's not just prostitution. it's human trafficking. the terrible, terrible abuse of children. so whatever efforts that they were making to keep people off that would do these things, they were failing. maybe necessarily were
Sep 7, 2010 6:00pm PDT
cases what's good for the bottom line. >> woodruff: john morris, what's the argument against that? essentially what they're saying is we were not legally obligated or that craigslist wasn't legally obligated. they did the right corporate citizen... the right corporate citizen thing. >> you're exactly right. as a legal matter they had no obligation to take this down or even to monitor it at all. they made it a corporate decision to take it down. again we don't really know exactly why. they've not made a public statement since then. the argument against it is that these ads will still get placed on places around face book. they were previously aggregated into one category that law enforcement would be able to easily monitor and pursue. now they're going to be spread out over face book and also over other websites. >> woodruff: you're singling out face book. >> i'm sorry. i don't mean face book. craigslist. they'll show up on other places on craigslist. i wasn't meaning face book. >> woodruff: tom miller, what about that? we've heard others make the same argument that closing down th
Sep 2, 2010 9:00pm EDT
. he's married to my daughter, mary. >> larry: married to your daughter. your nephew is john branca, the lawyer of the michael jackson estate? >> right. john branca is a lawyer and billy branca, his brother, is an agent with william morris. he's a good kid. he's working on me to write a book or produce some documentary or movie. so, billy's working on that. he has some division. i don't remember. >> larry: do you cringe every time they show that film? >> no, no. it's old hat, you know what? i just look at it and just say, hey, it's ancient history. it's about reading about the civil war and so many people of that era are gone, dodger fans and giants fans. we're talking 60 years later. how many are there? they're all gone. truthfully, i noticed once the book came out, first wall street journal on january 31st, 2001, and then he wrote a book that came out five years later. i noticed that baseball does not talk about that as being the most memorable moment in baseball history. they kind of shuffled it under the rug. >> larry: embarrassing. >> well, nothing was done about it, you know.
Sep 28, 2010 7:00am EDT
is a big weekend in his life. >> john finestein, thank you. the new nonfiction is available and out today. >> exactly. >> thank you. >> thank you. >>> well if you have ever thought that you can fix your own car, holly morris has a great place to go to do that. she's at a do-it-yourself mechanic where they have all of the stuff to work on your own car. >> reporter: i don't need to know how, i just need to know people that know how. but this is a wonderful concept. there are a lot of car buffs out there and very well versed in fixing their own car but don't have the space or tools and that's what do it yourself mechanics is about. ed coe, the founder and owner and head honcho joins us today. and i was getting ready to head over to work on the car, and i thought what a great idea for a father to bring his son or daughter to come and learn about your car. >> we've had numerous people come in and the father taking great pride in -- >> reporter: nobody is bringing their daughters? >> well we've had a couple of customers come in. the girlfriend is showing the boyfriend how to do it. >> rep
FOX News
Sep 9, 2010 6:00am EDT
our debt is a national security threat. why is she taking a swing at president obama? dick morris who worked for the clintons, i understand, has an idea. >> he does. and when john mccain picked sarah palin as his running mate, megan mccain cried. megan mccain is live in our studio and join us in about two minutes to explain why. because "fox & friends" for thursday starts now. >> i'll call you great americans this morning. >> thank you very much. >> that's megan's dad, senator john mccain. >> before he called us jerks. >> he did call us jerks. >> in jest. >> we hope. >> i wouldn't get mad at you guys. >> it was definitely in jest. we want to get to your headlines. megan will be around the corner in a couple of minutes. begin with the fox news alert this morning. four suspected terrorists have escaped from a prison in baghdad. u.s. and iraqi officials confirming the breakout. all four men had ties to al-qaida and were facing the death penalty. they were being held in the u.s.-controlled portion of the prison, only one still under u.s. military control. brand new video into the fox
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)